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A Young Japanese Cook without Diploma & HSK

A 31 year old Japanese cook at the time of submitting his application for Work Permit without a degree of bachelor or above and HSK certificate, has successfully obtained both Work Permit Card and Residence Permit for Work eventually with our professional services.

The Examination Authority rejected his application for a reason that his score under the point calculation system is less than 60, because 4 years of his working experience during the age less than 20 cannot be accepted without sufficient legal ground.

However, we came to a conclusion that the rejection reason is not valid according to the Labor Standard Law of Japan in force at that time.

Thus, we submitted a supplementary document issued by Japanese Consulate stating that it was totally legal for our client to work full time from age of 16 to 20, and ended up successfully convincing the Authority.

An Iranian Australian with a Master's Degree Didn't Choose Diploma + 2 Year Working Experience Route

Why? Because it took too long time to legalize her diploma and she just couldn’t wait that long!

Then how?

We will give you a satisfactory answer when you inquire with sufficient info on your situation and needs.

A Serbian Lady with Different Names on Her Passport and Diploma and without Valid Visa

Her names on her passport and her diploma were different, and she entered Mainland China through visa-free system, but she obtained 2 Permits essential for Work without problem.

How? With her accurate and efficient actions, wonderful collaboration between us, as well as our rich experience!

A South Korean with a Diploma Awarded by a Chinese University

submitted an application for Work Permit declaring more than 60 points, but the Examination Authority insisted that "Bachelor's degree or above obtained using Chinese as a teaching language" which means 5 points is limited to majors related to Chinese Language and Literature, without showing even single legal ground.

And this case taught us a lesson - it's useless arguing with them or even getting furious, we only have 2 options: accept whatever reason they give and obey as they instruct, or give up.

After careful study on relevant regulations, we found another favorable condition to replenish the 5 points deducted without justified reason, and our client had been issued a Work Permit card about 10 days later.

An Italian without Relevant Diploma and Position Matching to Her Working Experience

applied for Work Permit with a job title looks matching to her diploma but not to her working experience because she had no other options, and naturally the Authority rejected her application for a reason of irrelevance.

However, after careful study on relevant requirements, we managed to create a position that acceptable for both her employer and herself via consulting with them, and she received her Work Permit card and Residence Permit for Work even before Chinese New Year.

The Shortest Record Holder of Work Permit Extension Procedure among Our Clients

Normally, it takes 10 working days to extend Work Permit and 15 working days for extending Employment Permit even if you are lucky enough.

However, a Japanese soccer coach, who has been one of our loyal clients for more than 10 years, had broke our shortest record for two consecutive years - 6 working days for Employment Permit extension in 2017 and 3 working days for Work Permit extension in 2018.

Wow, how on earth ... ?!  high income? high degree? No, none of them!

As a matter of fact, even we did not expect such miracles, not to mention him-self.

He and we just did our best, every time, including preparation of perfect application documents.

And without doubt, he is a lucky guy, very, very lucky!

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